For those of you accustomed to browsing our large variety of new age products, the Flying Free New Age Gift's website has closed permanently.

We are also no longer participating in the Paraview Psychic Fairs.
This was not a decision we took lightly, as the truth of the matter is, we planned this exodus for at least 15 years.
We now live in Bali, Indonesia and it is difficult to commute to a psychic fair in the Netherlands on a weekly basis.
I will say that I miss all of you who were our regular customer as well as the new people we met every weekend.
Most of you knew that we were moving, and a few still regularly ask the exhibitors how we are.
For those in a hello mood you can always contact me at

To make this even more of a surprise you will be redirected to my main site Unicorn Systemz 15 seconds after opening this page.

Depending on how fast you read it should happen right about NOW :)